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Art can be the mechanism, the medium, the catalyst that makes the dream, the glimpse, the vision, stand still long enough to ponder it. Long enough to contemplate. Long enough to think about it. To be moved by it. Art brings into the immediate reality those invisible forces that call to us from the periphery of our senses. Art reminds us of what we don’t know but recognize as familiar.

In my work, I try hard to draw upon the vibrations of the Earth, of what it is to be human, and what it means to play. Material is an important aspect of the work I produce, and of the way that I work. Painting with paint alone, for example, has little meaning to me with respect to the work I’m producing. I use materials of the Earth mixed in with the paint. The paint then, is aligned with the Earth, and with me.

The material, as a painting, bears record of the human mark on it. The physical property of the material has the peculiar capacity to become a locus for an experience of the actual (both seen and unseen), as opposed to the depicted or the imagined.

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